Automation, robotics and the future of preventative surgery

By: Nicolas White, Informa Life Sciences, UAE

Future surgeries will be minimally invasive, shift from treatment to prevention and rely more More »

Barriers to designing the best healthcare facility

By: Kathy Reno PhD, RN EDAC, Safe Health Design Consultant, Joint Commission International, Naples, Florida, USA

So, you are preparing to More »

Cause and effect – how Professor Sehamuddin Galadari has effected change in the UAE

By: Nicolas White, Informa Life Sciences, UAE

“Some people are born asking too many questions” says Professor Sehamuddin Galadari as we More »

Clinical commissioning for safe clinical operations of new facilities

A successful opening of a new or revamped healthcare facility requires more than the assurance that the building’s mechanicals and More »

The association of better surgical outcomes in high volume centres

The provision of healthcare is increasingly competitive with more hospitals being set up. We are concerned that the increased number More »


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HOSPITAL BUILD - Medical cities: A new approach to healthcare in the Middle East BIG DATA - Big Data and the internet of medical things
Fighting the superbug
MANAGEMENT - Improving healthcare through culture, strategy and technique TOXICOLOGY - The role of medical toxicologists and poison centres in the Arab world

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OPINION – More, better, faster, cheaper… Really! How do we do more with less?
ENDOSCOPY – EUS in the management of pancreatic cancer: An update from an endosonographer’s perspective
TECHNOLOGY – Does image quality matter? The role of image quality in diagnostic imaging
OTOLARYNGOLOGY – Image-guided neck exploration for parathyroid adenomas
QUALITY – Process improvement in clinical laboratory
ERROR DISCLOSURE – Stepping out from the shadows: Disclosure of errors in pathology and laboratory medicine
HAEMATOLOGY – The new oral anticoagulants: What laboratory professionals need to know
MOLECULAR DIAGNOSIS – The added value of galectin-3 testing for the prognostication of heart failure

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AUTOMATION, ROBOTICS AND THE FUTURE OF SURGERY – From treatment to prevention ARAB HEALTH’S EXPANDING AUDIENCE  – The exhibition’s evolving audience
MANAGEMENT OF RECURRENT HEAD AND NECK CANCER – Treatment options and the best approaches to take VITAMIN D AND TYPE 2 DIABETES – On the link between vitamin D deficiency and diabetes
CAUSE AND EFFECT – HOW PROFESSOR SEHAMUDDIN GALADARI HAS EFFECTED CHANGE IN THE UAE A Profile of the UAE’s first Professor of biochemistry DUAL DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER AND DIABETES – Dual diagnosis of cancer and diabetes poses special challenges for practitioners and nursing care providers.